Smo Training

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SMO Training

Social Media Optimization we will teach you how to utilizing Social networking.SMO also improves SEO performance.Now a day’s online presence, its aim always remains to attract maximum visitors and SMO helps it do the same.We give you guidance because you can also start your own smo company and earn money by working on various smo projects.Students can also work (part time/full time) as ansmo freelancer and generate great money by providing your smo services.SMO is more closely related to SEO.SMO is vital part to get good searching ranking results of the websites.We will make you aware of the social media optimizer tools. Apart from training in smo we also provide training on content marketing, blog optimization and online marketing as well as and Social Bookmarking.In SMO training we will teach you how to keep good connections with the customers. We will teach how to increase traffic to your websites.We will provide you training to improve your online reputation.Esteps provide you the certification of Social Media Marketing after Complete the entire SMO Program. We will provide you training for 20 modules like SEO, PPC(Pay per Click) Course , SMO(social Media optimization) Course and much more along with 9 google certificates.


    Smo basics

  •    Introduction to Social Media
  •    Advantages Over Online Marketing
  •    Social Media Strategy
  •    Network Optimization
  •    Brand Management Strategies
  •    Network Profile Creation
  •    Social Media Key Concepts

    Twitter Optimization

  •    Introduction to Micro blogging and Twitter
  •    Twitter Demographics
  •    Use for reputation, promotion, sales, conversing.
  •    Who to follow
  •    Tweeting
  •    Tracking Code
  •    Ghost writers and the importance of disclosure
  •    Twitter Lists
  •    Twitter Account Promotion
  •    Searching tweets and users
  •    Measuring Influence
  •    Tools

    Youtube Optimization

  •    Online video
  •    Viral films and brand
  •    Defining your goals, metrics and budgets
  •    Social sharing, comments and reviews
  •    Getting an audience
  •    Creating and managing an account
  •    Using Ads inside Videos
  •    Promoting YouTube Videos

    Social Bookmarking

  •    Stumble Upon
  •    Digg
  •    Reditt
  •    Delicious
  •    Fave It
  •    E-buzz

    Image Optimization And Networking

  •    Flickr
  •    Picasa Webli>
  •    TinyPic
  •    Image Optimization AND Sharing

    Linked In Optimization

  •    Introduction to LinkedIn
  •    Creating the right profile and settings
  •    Increasing reach and visibility
  •    LinkedIn Groups
  •    Answers, events, messaging and testimonials
  •    Company Pages

    Blogging Network

  •    Blogs Creation
  •    Blogs Submission
  •    Blogs Promotion
  •    Blogs Weekly Postings
  •    Blogs Commenting

    Facebook Optimization

  •    Latest trends
  •  Difference between Profiles, Places, Groups and Pages
  •    Social media and communications strategy
  •    Open Graph
  •    Frictionless sharing
  •    Facebook Connect (Like, Share, Comment)
  •    Facebook Pages (Creating, Managing, Retention)
  •    Pages (Dos and Don'ts)
  •    Facebook Apps
  •    Measuring and Monitoring
  •    Sponsored Stories
  •    Facebook Places and check-ins
  •    Advantages and challenges

    Google+ Optimization

  •    Setting Social Objectives
  •    Social Strategies and Tactics for Google+
  •    +1s and Sharing
  •    Integration with your site
  •    Promoting a Brand on Google+
  •    Tools
  •    URL Shortening Tools

    Management And Report Tracking

  •  Behavioral and cultural standard for Social Media Interaction
  •    Linking all Social Media Accounts
  •    Optimizing Social Media content for Search Engine
  •    Importance of Short URL and how to do
  •    Link wheel creation
  •    Cleaning negative result using SEO
  •    Measuring SM and ROI
  •    Case study

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