Ecommerce website Design

Ecommerce Website Design

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  • Featured products
  • Magneto development
  • WordPress E commerce Solutions
  • Compare products
  • Coupon codes
  • Custom order forms
  • Sales reports
  • Deal of the Day/Week
  • Related products
  • Customer reviews
  • Payment Gateways
  • Logistics Managment
  • Custom order forms
  • Sales reports
  • Social share integration
  • Auto SEO scripts
  • Import/export tools
  • Advanced shipping options
  • LiveChat
  • Integration with your CRM/inventory management
  • Marketing automation

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Building a Beautiful Online Store: 11 Design Experts Share Their Tips and Advice

Top tips for a great Ecommerce website Design
Having a great Ecommerce website Design is more than putting up a facility for people to transact on. Just like a bricks and mortar retailer the store has to be structured correctly and laid out and communicated properly. An online store is no different and bringing people all the way to checkout needs careful planning and execution.

1. Filtering: Letting customers filter quickly down through your ECommerce store to what they want is key to keeping them moving to the website checkout. The sooner in the process and easier it is for them to do this the better your Ecommerce website will perform.

2. Website Feel and look: In the shopping world image is everything so make sure your webstore strikes the right cord for your target market. Get a good web designer who understands how to communicate properly on a Ecommerce website Design.

3. Search Bar: Your Ecommerce website should have a prominent search bar so people who know what they want can get there quickly.

4. Quality images: People buy with their eyes so having good visuals of your products and a good website image is key. You have two choices here either you get a good photographer or where possible buy good stock imagery for your website. Don't think taking pictures on your IPhone is the way to go.

5. Shopping cart visibility: All good Ecommerce Website Design make sure the shopping cart is visible on all pages as customers like to see all the time where they are and what they have done.

6. SEO: Your website needs to be designed correctly so you will perform with search engines. Page titles, descriptions h1, h2 etc need to be carefully considered.

7. Social media integration: Social Media performance while creates reach in itself across social platforms it can also help SEO so make sure consumers can share easily. Creating good blog content on your website can also help the overall SEO rating of the site.

8. Product Previews or information: Anything that helps the consumer make a choice there and then is worth doing. Consumers need information and reassurance before buying so give it to them.

9.Make it clean, no clutter: Consumers hate clutter as it confuses them. Make your webstore is clean and easy to see things quickly and appraise them.

10.Easy checkout: Make sure your ecommerce checkout is easy and not too many steps. When its easy people leave on a more positive vibe about you.

11.Contact: Always be easy to contact. When people are on your ECommerce store if they need to contact you make it easy or you will lose their custom.

Follow these guidelines and your Ecommerce website will perform better than your competitors.

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