PPC Course in Delhi

PPC Training Institute in Delhi

PPC Course in Delhi

Esteps PPC course in delhi platform training for running online advertising campaigns on Google AdWords, Yahoo and Bing using AdCenter, Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. Our certified AdWords Trainers help you till the very end to help you learn & understand these platforms. Our Professional PPC Training in Delhi will take you from creation to implementation and from monitoring to management of successful advertising campaigns.If you want to start Selling your Goods or Services within 24hrs Best Source of Quality Lead generation and Pay Per click advertising model.With the sudden drop in organic ranking of many sites, owners have decided and opted to run paid campaigns on Pay Per Click platforms of which Google AdWords is one.We trained you to get the expertise as to make yourself run optimized and cost effective campaigns to run almost all kinds of ads for all industries types.Our best facility will teach you all, what is latest and updated in Google AdWords. Be it Search Network, Display Network, Shopping Network, Video Network etc.

Please go through the topics of this course

    Getting to Know AdWords

  •    Explaining online advertising
  •    Explaining online advertising
  •    Benefits of AdWords for a business
  •    Understanding AdWords advertisements types
  •    Understanding Google’s network

    Know About Landing Page

  •    What is a Landing Page?
  •    Importance of Landing Page
  •    Types of Landing Pages
  •    Does Landing Page matters for AdWords?
  •    Planning a Landing Page
  •    Create Landing Page using Photoshop, HTML, and CSS

    Getting Started

  •    Creating your account
  •    Exploring the AdWords account structure
  •    Managing campaigns and ad groups
  •    Exploring the AdWords’ interface

    What You Study?

  •    Designing of Image Advertisements
  •    Animated Advertisements in GIF
  •  Landing Pages using Adobe Photoshop, HTML, and CSS
  •    Interface of Google AdWords and Editor
  •    Creation of Ad Groups and Campaigns
  •    Keywords Selection
  •    Bid and its Managementli>
  •    Extensions
  •    Settings
  •    Audiences
  •    Auto Targets
  •    Exploring Dimensions
  •    Segments and Filters in AdWords
  •    AdWords' Tools and Opportunities Features
  •    Payments and other Issues etc

    Researching Keywords for AdWords Campaigns

  •    What is keyword research
  •    Understanding keyword match types
  •    Using negative keywords in AdWords
  •    Evaluating a keyword
  •    Using the Keyword Planner tool

    Creation of Your First Search Campaign

  •    Creating a new campaign
  •    Targeting locations and languages
  •    Setting your bidding strategy and budget
  •    Setting your delivery and advanced settings
  •    Targeting locations and languages
  •    Using ad extensions in Google AdWords

    Creating Your First Ad Group

  •    How to write effective text ads
  •    Creating an ad group in Google AdWords
  •    Working with additional ad groups
  •    Using bid adjustments

    Looking at Quality Score

  •    Understanding the AdWords auction
  •    Understanding Quality Score
  •    Identifying Quality Score issues
  •    Improving Quality Score

    Using Display Ads in Remarketing Campaigns

  •    Defining conversions for your campaigns
  •    Using AdWords Conversion Trackingg
  •    Installing Conversion Tracking code
  •    Google Analytics to AdWords Linking

    Performance Optimization

  •    Measuring return on investment (ROI)
  •    Enabling and finding conversion metrics
  •    Using the Conversion Optimizer
  •    Testing your ads with split tests
  •    Understanding the balance between performance and volume

    Using Display Ads in Remarketing Campaigns

  •    Understanding remarketing in AdWords
  •    Creating a remarketing list
  •    Using display formats
  •    Creating a remarketing campaign

    Leveraging Video Advertising

  •    Understanding video ads
  •    Using YouTube TrueView formats
  •    Creating a video campaign
  •    Reading video campaign reports

    Google AdWords Assessment

  •    Project
  •    Theory Test
  •    Practical Test