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Pay Per Click

PPC - Pay Per click is an advertising model designed to generate instant traffic to any website via search engines through ads which flashes on search pages or partner websites. In this advertisers have to pay hosting cost whenever the ads are clicked by any user. PPC agency in delhi advertising is basically done for achieving instant traffic on websites to get customers for the business the advertiser must be running.

ppc company in delhi is most popular mode of internet advertising these days as Search engines now have very advanced and targeted module for running PPC campaigns. In this internet marketing tool a top website hosts an ad for which the advertiser pays the website each time the ad is clicked. Advertiser only has to pay if there is a click on his ad and that's the most exclusive feature of it. One doesn't have to pay even if the ads are flashing from months on the host's websites unless and until someone clicks on it.

Why Pay Per Click Management?

  • PPC ensures instant visibility for your website.
  • You get targeted visitors ( prospective clients) in huge numbers.
  • Unlike other advertising avenues, there are no fixed costs. You pay only per click.
  • Implementation of PPC for your website is easy. You necessarily don't have to make any modifications.
  • As an advertiser you have complete control on the campaign and can make changes where necessary.
  • Calculation of ROI is very easy.
  • Lets you identify revenue generating products and services for fine tuning of your marketing strategy.

Ppc Management Methodology

We at esteps.in fully understand that good return on investment (ROI) is the most important goal with PPC campaign management. After all, each click costs money. We have fine tuned our PPC campaign methodology to high levels of refinement, to ensure good ROI that's why we are the ppc agency in delhi.

  • Picking up the right targeted keywords for PPC Campaigns
  • Development of attention grabbing creatives like titles and description for the PPC Ads creation
  • Sticking to an upper bid limit, we don't believe in getting into bid wars as they can lead to a decrease in ROI
  • Maintaining the cost per click (CPC) at low levels by focusing on less competitive yet targeted keywords.
  • Tracking the campaign results on a daily basis. With focus on the major variables like click through rate (CTR) and cost per click (CPC)
  • Updating the client about the progress of his campaign. We believe in being in-sync with the client's expectations.

Synopsis of Ppc Management Services

The ppc services delhi at esteps.in cover the entire spectrum of PPC marketing; necessarily covering sponsored and content page advertising as offered by Google, Yahoo, and MSN. PPC Campaign management Professionals at our Internet marketing division in India are very well equipped with all the expertise and skills to ensure that our clients get good return on investments (ROI) and they meet all their PPC marketing targets.

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