One of the challenges to effective marketing is that not everyone is part of the Internet surfing community, browsing websites all day long. There are many prospects that companies cannot reach through their website. Regarding those that we can reach, how can we get them to make purchases of our products and services once they have gone offline?

One of the solutions to this problem of marketing is the creation of product and services catalogs on CD, Pen Drive. can create online,offline and remarkably interactive eCatalogues right out of the box. The catalog runs from the CD and doesn't require any installation on the customer's machine. It has all the tools for creating, printing, and submitting an order by email and supports updating product information via the Internet. Orders can be submitted as many times as desired. They can be grouped, received from several departments and consolidated before submission. The eCatalogues can be distributed to customers and partners, and can even be shown as a slideshow at presentations and business meetings.

A CD, Pen Drive product catalog never grows stale. Its data is always updated over the Internet. This update procedure is completely automatic and behind the scenes. The new data is written to the hard disk, rather than back on the CD, Pen Drive.

Offline marketing with CD, Pen Drive product catalogs is much cheaper than using only online presentations. Your products and services can reach many more people than just having your website. The cost of offline distribution is zero, as your prospective customers get the CD, Pen Drive from your hands.Then give it out to customers so they will get the most complete and up-to-date information on your products while allowing them to create an order and submit it by email without ever browsing your website.

CD, Pen Drive eCatalogues offer an alternative to expensive pressBurning a digital catalog onto a CD, Pen Drive is cheaper than printing the same catalog on paper and the lifespan of an optical disk is longer than that of paper. Besides, you will not need to print a new catalog should you change the product or the product list. If necessary, you can print the catalog on paper right from the program.

Key Benefits of interactive catalogue.

  • Arranging products in groups/subgroups
  • Images /scanning/adding photographs/charts/diagrams
  • Smooth and fixed zooming into images
  • Customizable image transition effects
  • Entering/editing detailed descriptions
  • Adding Flash movies
  • News and company information page
  • Maintaining several catalogs on a single PC
  • Product galleries
  • Price lists
  • Illustrated catalog in your format
  • Data and images on individual items
  • Printing description on an individual item
  • Contextual and advanced catalog search
  • Slideshow
  • Maintaining multiple-currency catalogs
  • Bulk order restrictions
  • Support of several user interface languages
  • No Restriction of Max. number of items in catalog
  • Can be given in CD/DVD/Pen drive formats

USB (Unlimted Sales Broucher)

Store millions of pages & information to impress your customers.Be it Videos,documents,Media clips

Most companies that buy USB Memory Sticks printed or engraved with their logo on will be buying them as a basic promotional product. Typically they are simply given away at trade shows, handed out to customers and clients to build loyalty or drive new business or sometimes they're used to support a product launchIncreasingly companies are pre-loading the USB memory sticks before they are given away with a usual "pre-load" containing PDF's of sales brochures, presentation slides, media clips and links to web sites.

Pre-loading the drives in this way saves money on print, transportation and the storage of brochures and these savings help build the case to buy the flash drives.

"Let's Meet to discuss new Ideas."